You’re Putting That Where?

My youngest is on the end part of potty training. She can go the night in panties, goes out without accident (as long as I remember to visit every restroom as often as possible), and she’s become interested in the whole process of peeing. The last week or so, she’s been ‘helping’ to dump her little toilet into the big toilet. We do it together and she’s got the process down. The last couple days, I’ve been letting her dump it on her own, give her a little independence. She comes back so proud of herself and happy – I love it! Not to mention, it’s someone else cleaning out the toilet. Well, I followed her this time because I noticed she wasn’t heading towards the bathroom. She collected her little toilet, tipped toed into the kitchen and dumped it into the sink.

I’ve always wanted a reason to throw out every dish I own.


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