A Little Confused

I have 3 kids: 8 yo, 7 yo, and a now 3 yo. You get all kinds of questions because girls NEVER STOP TALKING. Ever.

Getting my kids up this morning, my 7 yo wanders into the bathroom and is quiet. Like for a while. Since that doesn’t happen (she’s the one who at 1030pm just HAS to ask you one more question), I knock on the door, “Honey, is everything okay?”

Silence. Since THAT NEVER happens, I ask again, “Is everything all right in there?”

She slowly opens the door and steps into the hall. She turns to face me, but has her underwear held out. “Mama, is this my period?”

I must have turned ghost white because her face went from curiosity to dread and now SHE was ghost white. I look into her underwear and prepare for the worst. I knew she was ‘maturing’ at a quick rate. The pediatrician said she would be getting her period a little early because she was already developing and shit. But at 7?! I was thinking closer to 10! I was not prepared for this.

My face must have loosened up a little bit because then she says to me, “Am I okay? Is it my period?”

“No, it’s diarrhea.”


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