The Worms Got Out

Kids are fun…. when you watch other people get tortured by them. 

Lunch today consisted of spaghetti, apple slices, and a cup of grape juice. I don’t normally let her eat downstairs (3 year olds are walking tornados) but today was an exception because she did so good while at the doctors for her check-up.

I put on Moana (her fave fave movie), set her up on the coffee table with her stuff, and go to use the toilet. As I’m finishing up, I hear screaming. “THEY GOT OUT!” What the fuck?

I dash out of the bathroom – still trying to pull my pants up – yelling, “What happened? What’s going on??”

She runs up to me all frazzled, “THE WORMS GOT OUT!! THEY’RE TRYING TO ESCAPE!”

Wait, what?

She takes my hand and leads me to the family room.


She threw her spaghetti everywhere. She noticed my stunned expression and said, “Don’t worry, Mama, they don’t bite.”


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