Last Night’s Excitement

My kids are great. They’re happy and active and like to try new things. However, my kids also have a long and speckled relationship with the ER. They know us by name. Since Thursday, my oldest has had this rash(?) on her face. It was red and bumpy and gross, but there was no swelling, no pain, and it wasn’t itchy. The area wasn’t even hot! I assumed it was a topical allergic reaction, cleaned the environment, cleaned her, and sent her to bed with an antihistamine. 

Friday morning, it spread to the other side of her face, doubled in size, and was swelling at an alarming rate. I take her to the pediatrician who advised it was an allergic reaction to something and gave benedryl and hydrocortisone to help. She slept most of the day when she woke up Saturday morning, her eyes were almost swollen shut. her face was ROUND like a melon! It was hot now and spreading down her neck. I had to work so I gave her more medicine as prescribed and said if she didn’t at least improve, she would be going to the ER.

Guess where we were last night: that’s right. At the ER.

We waited for a while – which I anticipated – but passed the time with card games and the tablet. Thank God for the hospital WiFi! We get called in and the nurse takes her vitals. I tell her everything for the last two days AND show pictures (because I know they don’t really believe shit) and even the nurse was like, “What the hell?”

The official diagnosis was Facial Cellulitis. A type of infection that can really spread quickly. Because of how quickly it can spread, the doctor recommended to give the antibiotic via shot. OMG You would think they were trying to take off my kid’s leg for the way she reacted. Crying, begging, she even tried running out. Drama much?! For a half hour this went on! I tried to be as supportive as I could but OMG.

And to top it off,  it was going in the butt. It took another 10 minutes but they FINALLY got the shot in her tush and she looked at me like, “Oh, that was nothing!”


We finally got home about 1am and when she woke up, her face was SO MUCH BETTER! Thank you steroids! She has to take that and an antibiotic for the next week but it looks like she’s going to heal just fine. 🙂


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