The Magic: Day 2 – Magic Rock

It’s really not a magic rock like Jack had magic beans. Anyway, here is my day 2:

This morning, I did my 10 things I’m grateful for:

  1. My kids because they are teaching me to be a better person
  2. My cat because she seems to be able to help de-stress me
  3. My health because it’s keeping me alive
  4. The kids’ school because it’s putting a focus not just on academics but also on the arts
  5. Staying at home because I am getting in great time with the kids, always being available for the things they need like going home sick or a school play
  6. Food Stamps because since my ex doesn’t assist me financially at all, the food stamps allows me get food for me and my kids
  7. The  internet because it helps me to look for a new job
  8. My ma because she’s going to let me move in until I move out to Hawaii
  9. My oldest’s doctors because they are taking good care of her while we have this rash issue
  10. My computer because it helps me to find work, stay connected, and stay inspired


Today’s assignment is to take a small rock (I chose a sea shell) and use it as a way to remind yourself to think of and appreciate the best part of the day. You do this right before falling asleep so that the very last thought in your mind before falling asleep is grateful and thankful.

For me today, the best part of my day today was playing with my littlest while the other two were are school. We were pretending she was the mom, I was the baby and I was sick. She had to take care of me (bring me a blanket, hugs, a bottle etc) and then we would cuddle. “You’re my good baby.” she would tell me. I think that was the best part of my day today. 🙂

I still have a little longer to go before I go to bed but up to this point, that’s the best part of my day. 🙂

For tomorrow, The Magic says to get a picture of each of the 3 closest relationships that you have. Tomorrow, during the day, you’re going to write 5 things about each person that you are grateful for and then you’re going to take the list and pictures and keep it with you to meditate on at least 3 separate times throughout the day. Truly feel grateful and thankful for those people and for those reasons why.

The schedule for tomorrow is: 10 grateful things in the morning, 3 pictures thing throughout the day, magic rock review at night.


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