The Magic: Day 3 – Relationships

Day 3 of The Magic started with my gratitude exercises:

  1. My kids – they make me feel complete, whole, brilliant.
  2. My BFF Рshe keeps me grounded in my thoughts and actions
  3. The afterschool program – it keeps my kids active after school
  4. My baby’s blankie – brings comfort to my baby when she needs it
  5. The bunk beds – gives personal space to my kids while having to share a room
  6. Aldi – makes it easier to afford food for my family
  7. Doctor Who – makes me feel connected to my deceased papa because we used to watch it together
  8. Wonder Woman – she gives me what to strive for
  9. My car – it takes me to and from everywhere I need to go to care for my family.
  10. Art – it brings me peace, whether I’m creating it, researching it, reviewing it, or ssurrounding myself with it.

The exercise for today is about relationships. Not just spouses but any relationship that you are close to. You choose 3; I chose my ma, my sister, and my kids.

Secure a picture of each relationship and then list 5 reasons why you are grateful and thankful for them being in your life. Then review the list at least 3 separate times throughout the day. Here is the one I made:

day 03

Later on tonight, I will do my ‘magic rock’ exercise before I go to bed.

Thank you so much for reading my blog! I am trying to raise funds for my kids’ trip to meet my sister in person for the first time, and would really appreciate it if you could contribute. If you can’t, would you please share? Maybe someone else would be able to. Thanks again for all your help!


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