The Magic: Day 4 – Health

I started today with my grateful list. I was stumbling around a little bit because I don’t know if I can cite the same thing or the same person more than once. I think the point is to learn to truly appreciate everything – however I still feel gratitude for the things I already listed…. Am I just overthinking? Probably. Anyway, onto my list:

  1. Food stamps – I can actually buy food for my family to care for them
  2. The car – She takes me everywhere I need to go to care for my family
  3. My kids – They show me every day how to evolve and love with freedom
  4. My cat – she comforts me and makes me feel loved
  5. My room – since the break up, I still live in our home because SAHM trying to get a job is a bit tough so I have no where to go right at this immediate time but I do have my own room so I get some removal from the hostility and I love that
  6. youtube – (don’t laugh) i can learn just about anything from there! And I got to watch ‘Thick of It’ today which was bloody brilliant
  7. Prozac – it has really been a game changer in regards to my personal outlook. I feel so much better now. You really don’t realize how much pain you are in until you feel better. I am thankful and grateful for this improvement
  8. The future – I know that the future is going to bring great new opportunities and that I will be successful and that makes me feel so excited!
  9. My fans (like ceiling fans) – because we don’t have air conditioning and the heat can suck! Those fans make a HUGE difference!
  10. My blog – because it allows me to connect with people on different levels and I love that.

Today’s assignment was simple enough: Write on a piece of paper in big letters,”THE GIFT OF HEALTH IS KEEPING ME ALIVE.” and truly feel gratitude for your health. Put the paper in front of you where you can see if often and feel the gratitude for your health at least 4 times today. What I did was make 4 alarms on my phone that had that statement as the title so I would remember without trying to tote around a piece of paper. When I was working, I would’ve used the paper better because we had to lock our phones in our┬álockers. Didn’t take hardly any time to write nor to set the alarms; it did make me more aware of the fact that I am alive and my health is the reason. In summation: The gift of health really is keeping me alive.

My magic rock moment was playing games with the kids. The baby was asleep early and the older two had already completed their homework so they had time. We played Oregon Trail the card game for two hours! The kids LOVE this game! It’s a brilliant game! We play all the time. Today was just a great experience. They were peaceful with eachother and helping… it really was a great time. I am so grateful and thankful for that today. Thank you thank you thank you!

Tomorrow’s assignment takes a little explaining. It’s in regards to money. Take a dollar and write on it, “Thank you for all the money I’ve been given throughout my life.” and you’re going to keep it in a place that is visiable to you to remind you to feel gratitude for all the money you’ve ever been given. Like when you were a child and you didn’t have to pay rent, etc. Truly feel appreciative of those generocities. Appreciate it at least twice a day and from now on.

Thank you so much for reading my little blog! I’m trying to raise funds for my kids’ trip to the family reunion and could use some help with the trip preparations that three kids require. If you can help, great! Thank you so much! If you can’t, that’s good too, if you could please share my posts etc – maybe someone you know can help! Thank you again!


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