The Magic: Day 5- Money

I started the day out with my gratitude: 

  1. My kids – They make me just be in awe everyday of how they are growing and how they are adjusting. They are really amazing.
  2. My bed – gives me a great place to sleep
  3. My health – because it’s keeping me alive
  4. Camping -i really enjoy the peace and feeling close to the environment
  5. Elvis – his music speaks to me and makes me feel and understand deep emotions
  6. the time I’ve been a SAHM – because i get to spend lots of great time with my kids, whether or not that’s changing, I’m grateful for the time I had
  7. my artistic side – brings me such peace and joy and when I’m creating, I feel like I can change the world
  8. DirecTV – I get to record my Doctor Who because I rarely have time to watch it when it actually airs
  9. Cherry Dollface – I’ve been watching her vlog for a long time now and she inspired me at the very beginning to start living what I love. I owe her a lot – she’s very inspiring.
  10. My readers – I know I only have a couple but being able to be honest and fully myself is a brillliant freeing feeling!


Today’s assignment is about money. There’s a couple steps to this one. First, think about all the money that you have ever received ever. Not just actual cash, but gifts, discounts, anything that has saved you money. Also, think about being a kid, all the free rent, food, utilities – things you have to pay for now – that you just got from adults around you that have given you things or experiences. Truly feel appreciative and grateful for it.

Next, take a dollar – any bill that you have available, doesn’t have to be a $1 – and write on it, “Thank you for all the money I’ve received in my life.”

Then put the dollar in a place to refer to it several times throughout the day; when you see it, really feel grateful for all the money that you’ve ever received in your life. Do this like at least 4 times today. 🙂

I’ll post my magic rock later on tonight. 🙂

Thank you so much for reading my little blog! I’m trying to raise some funds for my kids’ trip to meet my sister at the family reunion. If you can contribute, I would really appreciate it! If you can’t, please share my posts, maybe someone else can. Thank you again!


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