The Magic: Day 6 – Gratitude

This has been quite an effort for me. It’s not as easy as it sounds to just be grateful all the time for everything. Especially when cynicism and doubt are just hard wired into your DNA. I’ve been struggling with The Secret for years now. Why is this so fricken hard? 

Day 6 was actually yesterday but it was my kids’ closing day of Softball so I didn’t get home until late and I was so fricken tired. I stretched out day 6 to cover both Saturday and Sunday just to give me a little extra time.

The assignment for day 6 was all about general gratitude. Imagine your job – your whole function – was everything that comes across your path you feel grateful for, then ‘report’ that gratitide to your invisable boss (who like most managers) is following you around the entire day, looking over your shoulder. Sounds a little tedius, right? What this exercise taught me was when there’s a conflict, to identify that not every situation that has a negative effect is completely negative.

I’ll give you an example. Today was my friend’s daughter’s first communion. In the Catholic community, that’s a big deal. My friend had a huge party all set up with two bouncers, a taco guy, a DJ, and more cake than I can even describe. We live in Southern California at the moment so thinking there was going to be a thunder storm a HAIL storm, really took us all by surprise. A lot of the guests went home. My friend was feeling kind of down about it but then I remembered my assignment for today.

I was grateful for the hail storm. I don’t get to visit with my friend that often so when everyone split, it was good-quality conversations we had. My kids were so excited to see it ‘snow’ they totally freaked. I was grateful for the thunder claps themselves because they make me feel calm. Not to mention California has been in quite a drought the last few years so I ALWAYS am grateful for the rain. That got me thinking too, I’m grateful because there’s a few fruiting trees that can always use the water in the backyard. And I can’t forget about the grass seed that was just put down in preparations for summer. And as I was listing these things, I felt my stress seem to lessen. It wasn’t about a ruined party, it was about taking advantage of a situation.

The more I really focused and found things to be grateful for, the better I was feeling. I was way tired mid-afternoon (I recently changed my diet but it causes a bit of fatigue when you first get started) but like everyone, I don’t have time to nap! I got 3 kids! WHO HAS TIME TO NAP?? Right then, the baby comes walking to me saying how she wants a nap but she was scared to sleep alone. We took a 3 hour nap together. I was SO GRATEFUL for that time with her. It was a little bonding time we had. We snuggled, dozed off, and I woke up to a foot in my nose. A dirty foot. It was brilliant.

In case you haven’t read my story yet, let me catch you up: For the last 2 years, I’ve been a stay at home mom. In January, my relationship ended. My ex and I live in the same house until I can find a job to GTFO. The house has become a battleground. We don’t physically speak to each other unless he wants to yell about something. It’s awful. I bring that up because with today’s exercise, I’ve been developing gratitude for things around the house to help ease the stress on me. And it HAS been helping!

For example, I heard him leave in the morning (close to 730am), and I was grateful that I could have a peaceful morning without the conflict. I was grateful that the kids were still asleep and that I actually had about 30 minutes of peace. What a difference that made. I think I will keep going and put effort into feeling gratitude for everything I possibly can throughout the day.

My magic rock sea shell moment today is a tie. First, there was the special bonding I did with the baby over a nap (I got to mix my two favorite things: Sleeping and quiet babies). The other thing was playing cards with my kids. We’ve been playing the Oregon Trail card game for about 2 months now and the kids LOVE IT! I know I’ve mentioned it before but spending that time with the kids and have them NOT fight with each other– I am just so grateful for that! So tonight, I told them exactly how much I love playing that game with them. They were SO HAPPY to hear me say those things! And their reaction just made things more awesome for me.

Tomorrow’s assignment is not to say or think one negative thought. What? I just had a negative thought about that assignment on negative thoughts! Already, I’m feeling tense.

Okay, here’s the deal, this exercise is about learning the tools to combat negativity so you can open your path to more blessings and opportunities. Negative thoughts and feelings close doors and positivity and gratefulness open them. So, thoughtout the day, if you say or think something negative, stop yourself and say (right at that time), “but i have to say that i am really grateful for _______________.”

There is a second part to this assignment. Think of a particular negative situation in your life. Make a list of 10 things that you  are grateful for that relate to that negative situation. I will make a worksheet tomorrow for this assignment in case anyone needs one.

Okay, that’s it for me. I’m heading off to bed.

I am so grateful and thankful for everyone stopping by to read my blog! I am trying to raise funds for my kids’ family reunion trip and could really use your help! If you can please donate or share my posts so maybe someone else can donate….  I am so grateful and thankful for everyone who has stopped by here. Take care!


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