The Magic – Block Negativity Cont…

After some more incidents throughout the day, I will be doing this one again tomorrow. My ex comes home and the first words that come out of his mouth is, “Why the fuck did you buy such a big bottle of vanilla?! Just had to get the biggest one they had or what??” The same vanilla that I bought like 2 months ago. Whatever. I don’t even engage him when he talks like that to me. Then he was all pissy and locked himself downstairs to fall asleep on the sofa watching hockey.

So, I will try the blocking negativity again tomorrow. I am better prepared for tomorrow mentally. And instead of writing my note on an index card, I wrote it on my hand.

For my magic sea shell, the best thing about today was my nap. Seems like a simple little thing but I never get to nap and my littlest one snuggled right in with me and we napped for like 2 hours. THAT was pretty awesome.

The second best thing was a surprise gift from my middle child. See, I LOVE Wonder Woman times 1000. Whenever the kids are good at school, they clip up and receive a little certificate to take home. Today, she brought one home and she drew a lovely Wonder Woman on the back. 🙂 I’m going to reiterate in the morning about how much I love it because I don’t think I gave it enough praise. I try to really be there emotionally for my kids but sometimes when I got 800 things going at the same time, I fuck up. So, I need to make sure I do that tomorrow morning.

Okay, since I’m repeating today again tomorrow, I’ll just check in with you all in the morning. Take care everyone! And if you can help out my little fundraiser, I would really appreciate it.


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