4 Hacks for Self-Care while Broke

You’ve read my story. You know what my situation looks like. Having zero income and no one to assist while you’re looking for a job, can put a little too much reality in your mind. For me, staying up all night worrying isn’t as fun as it sounds. I do a couple things to care for my inner peace while I’m transitioning to single-parent.

All these things are either free or close to it. They just require effort mostly, and the supplies are something you would probably find in your home already.

  1. Kool-Aid To Go = Lip Stain

It’s pretty simple. Moisten your lips, dip a moistened Q-Tip or your finger tip into the powder and smoosh it on your lips. Simple. One thing to keep in mind: This is a stain. Stain. That means if you get it outside of your lip line, it’s going to stain your skin there too. That applies to your finger tip, too. Also, let the stain sit on your lips for a couple minutes before licking it off (you’re going to do it; it’s delicious). The longer it’s left on – like dying Easter eggs – the darker the color will be.

You can buy the Kool-Aid on food stamps.

2. Greatest Skin Scrub Ever

I’m a very pro-Clinique person. From the age of 12 until I lost my job, you could find me every other week at the Clinique counter, stocking up. Nothing else touched my skin. And Clinique is a BRILLIANT brand and has always given me results that exceeded my expectations.

Who can afford a $20 body scrub that has to be replaced every month?? I’m not talking body wash, I’m talking specifically an exfoliant that you use on your skin. I know I had posted about this brilliance before but it’s worth mentioning again here.

A couple side notes: there are 16 tbsps in a cup – just in case you want to make more than the little tiny bit the recipe calls for. It’s bloody messy so be in the tub with the curtain drawn to minimize the mess, and use a hair catcher to catch the mixture and doesn’t go down the drain. I haven’t had an issue with the pipes but preventive care is the cheapest.

Again, all the ingredients, you can buy with food stamps. Yes, even the coconut oil.

3. Hair Wash

One of the biggest adjustments I had to make was the use of my personal products. Like razors and shampoo and pads. Have you ever had to wonder WTF you were going to do if your period came before you had the chance to buy pads?? That sucks. I’ve never had to ration shampoo either. But I find myself waiting longer between hair washes and doing things that would keep my hair cleaner for longer.

Normally, when I have income, I wash my hair about every other day. Maybe every second day. NEVER daily because my hair would turn to dust in like a minute! Now, I’m going 3 or (gasp) 4 days without washing my hair. Let’s get something out of the way at the beginning: I have colored red hair. Anyone who colors their hair red knows you have to care for it in a special manner or you’re going to look shot out by day 3. When I say I don’t wash my hair for 3 days, that doesn’t mean I don’t shower – let’s not be gross – but since it’s red hair, I have to wash my hair separate anyways and in cold (I mean COLD) water… it helps to preserve the color.

SO when there is a lot of build of of oil on my hair, I use a spot of Dawn dish soap. Cleans it right up, doesn’t waste the shampoo, and with a tinted conditioner, helps keep my locks cherry red.

Don’t do this everyday. Only when your hair needs a nice thorough cleaning. 🙂

4. Hair Curlers

What’s tough: Curling your hair without a curling iron or hot curlers. You can spend money on the pin curl clips or you can rip up an old t-shirt into strips. Wrap your damp hair in small sections around the cloth, roll it up to your head and tie the ends together. Leave it in overnight to dry. I like to run my blow dryer over the curlers in the morning and let that cool just for good measure – my hair is stick straight and doesn’t curl worth a shit without assistance, preserverence, and lots of cursing.

A little bonus for you, the people who have a tougher time with keeping curls in: Mix 2 cups of hot water, 1 tbsp of hair gel, 1 tbsp of coconut oil, and a tbsp of salt. Once it’sonly warm (as opposed to hot) put it in a spray bottle and use the spray on each section you’re curling. It helps a lot for my  hair and my hair does what it can to abuse me.

5. The Bonus Hack

As much as I would like to dream that people get the emotional support they need, it just doesn’t happen. Oh Lordy how I know. If you are depressed or suicidal and you don’t have access to a therapist or doctor, don’t just give in to those feelings. Research for options like speaking with your local clergymember. Call the National Suicide Hotline at (800) 273-TALK. If you’re a veteran, you can go to VeteranCrisisLine.net. The worst possible thing to do is to do nothing.

One of the biggest things I can recommend if you just need a place to start is to keep a journal. It helps me to sort out my feelings and plans, and it helps put into perspective so I can have a better grasp on my reality and what options I have available to me. My journal is a mess. There is no right/wrong way to keep a journal. I do subscribe to the bullet journal way of journaling because it’s fluid, very visual, and you can modify as needed throughout the time you use it. The dynamic flow appeals to me; I like to be able to express myself without ridged rules like say a planner from Target.

All journalling takes is a pen and paper – both available at the dollar store but I’m sure if you asked a neighbor, you could borrow from them for free. Sorting out your mind so you can start your path to peace is – in my opinion – one of the best steps that can be taken.

Thank you all so much for reading my little blog! I’m trying to raise some funds for my kids trip and would really appreciate if you were to contribute. If you can’t, please share my posts so maybe someone else can. Thank you again so much!

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