The Magic: Day 8 – Magic Ingredient

The assignment for today is about feeling grateful all throughout the day, and not just in the morning or in the evening. The big function was to feel grateful and say, “Thank you thank you thank you” whenever you eat or drink anything. In the spirit of efficiency, I totally ate everything in my path today. Like everything.

I’m completely stuffed.

ANY WHO — I tried to be grateful and thankful today. It was a decent day, had to take the kids for their physicals and the little one got a TB test so … there was crying there. But then we got home and the kids feel asleep and I had 3 hours of peace. So, of course, I fell asleep. I love sleep. But it was nice. And the kids didn’t fight (that much). AND when he came home, he didn’t even yell or talk shit to me, just went into his room and slammed the door shut.

Tomorrow’s assignment is focused on money. Phew! I was waiting for that one! What you do is take all your unpaid bills and write on them, “Thank you for the money” while feeling truly grateful. Feel grateful for having the money to pay the bills – whether you actually have the money or not. Then you’re going to take the last 10 bills that were paid and write on them, “Thank you – PAID” and feel truly grateful for having the money to pay those paid bills. I’m going to really try to focus everything I have on this one, since I am restarting my life…. learning how to be grateful for the money I’ve had…. focusing more on the gratitude and less on the money I still needed.


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