The Magic: Day 9 – The Money Magnet

This is a welcomed exercise however, I’m a little stuck. You’re supposed to take any unpaid bills and write on them, “Thank you for the money.” Then take 10 already paid bills from the past and write across them, “Thank you – Paid.” Make sure that while you’re doing both those things, you feel the complete gratitude of those things being paid, whether they’re paid or not.

For the last 2 years, I have been a stay-at-home mom. All those bills that I had while working have gone bye-bye. What am I supposed to do now?

My solution was to make a complete list of things that I have that needs payment:

  1. Get my phone turned on $60- Thank you for the money!
  2. Kids’ trip $600- Thank you for the money!
  3. Gas money $40- Thank you for the money!
  4. New panties $20- Thank you for the money!
  5. Move to Hawaii $4,000- Thank you for the money!
  6. Deoderant $4- Thank you for the money!
  7. Shampoo & conditioner $10- Thank you for the money!
  8. Windshield wipers $25- Thank you for the money!
  9. Grow my business $1000- Thank you for the money!

I am focusing on the things for me specifically since my kids’ dad does participate hugely for the things they need. As far as the past bills that had already been paid, I don’t really have a paper or reciept to write on SO I made yet another list:

  1. Phone bill $115 – Thank you – PAID!
  2. Storage bill $145 – Thank you – PAID!
  3. My kid’s field trip $20 – Thank you – PAID!
  4. Groceries $192 – Thank you – PAID!
  5. Kids’ glasses $300 – Thank you – PAID!
  6. My kid’s costume for her play $5 – Thank you – PAID!
  7. My kid’s bday party $200 – Thank you – PAID!
  8. Body scrubs $40 – Thank you – PAID!
  9. New under pieces $80 – Thank you – PAID!
  10. Kids to McDonald’s $20 – Thank you – PAID!

As I am writing these things down, both lists, I feel excited and a little bit at ease about these things. I don’t know what to call that feeling but I do know I want to feel more of that feeling when I think about my financial abundance.

Another thing that I noticed is that if I just type out everything, I don’t feel the same connection to those feelings that I like; when I write it all out with paper and pen, I feel more connected to what I’m writing about, and then those awesome feelings of excitement come flooding back.

I found this person who is an expert on the Law of Attraction named Sarah Prout. She’s lovely and she has all these resources to help guide you a bit better in the practical steps to take. She has this one ritual where you answer some questions and then for the next 5 days, you write out your affirmation (which you figure out what that is by answering those questions) 55 times. That’s 55 times every day for 5 days. I’m on day 4 and just finished my writing for today. For the last few days I had been doing my writing at night when the kids are in bed but last night, I kept dozing off! I was thinking that isn’t very productive. LOL SO I set up the baby with a little TV (something I really don’t like doing) and got it all done this morning.

My fingers are SO SORE!

It’s been a long time since I was able to feel worthy of any type of care, let alone self-care. I still have to get the timing down but feeling better is wonderful! I know it’s several things that contribute to this feeling (the prozac and the gratitude), but I’m going to continue doing what I can to feel good! 🙂 I forgot how feeling good feels so good. 🙂

Tomorrow’s exercise is something that we should really be doing anyway. Whenever someone performs a service for you, truly and fully feel grateful for that service and let them know it. In the book, it’s referred to as Sprinkling Magic Dust on everyone. I love that idea. I don’t get out much but I will make it a point tomorrow to get out and thank people — also to the people online. 🙂

Thank you so much for reading my little blog! If I could as for a little help, I’m trying to raise funds for my kids’ trip and could really use some help. If you can, please contribute to my little cause. If you can’t, please share my posts so maybe someone else will be able to contribute. Thank you!


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