The Magic: Day 10 – Magic Dust

It’s not actual dust. The assignment is to be grateful (and express that gratitude) to the people who provide a service to you today.

Since I stay home 90% of the time, I don’t normally get to interact with adult people in the service industry. LOL Sounds kind of sad, doesn’t it? But I made it a point to save my chores for today just for this exercise!

So, I took in the recycling and chatted up the attendant who was lovely. Then went to turn in my little recycle receipt and was grateful to the attendant there – who was not a Mrs Sunshine if you know what I mean. Then got gas and tried really hard to be grateful for everyone.  It was a little tough because of a girl trying to raise funds for her school. I tried to tell her that I wish I could help but I was trying to raise my own funds; she was just kind of shitty about it. But I was grateful for the cashier at the gas station, then grateful to/for the lady who runs my kids’ after school program. THEN I was grateful and thankful for the cashier at the WIC office.

I really try to be grateful – not just polite – when I interact with people in general before The Magic. I have little tolerance for bad service, but it’s rare that I even get bad service. Today it felt good to continue my little trend. 🙂

Tomorrow’s assignment you have to read about the day before because it starts as soon as you wake up. From the moment you wake up until you are done getting dressed, say thank you for everything you touch and use. You can say it in your head so you don’t look like a crazy person talking to your iron.

I have a big day tomorrow too because my BFF is having her baby shower so I’ll be over there in the AM working on the set up.

Thank you so much for reading my little blog! I am trying to raise funds for my kids’ trip and if you can help, your contribution would be hugely appreciated! If you can’t, would you please share my posts – maybe someone else will be able to help out. Thank you again!


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