I Lost 10″! AND 6 pounds! 

Sorry, I didn’t mean to ruin the surprise but I am in shock.

Don’t be misled, that’s 10″ all over, not just one measurement. HURRAY FOR ME! 

What a brilliant day! I thought my pants were a wee bit loose but I thought it was just me being nuts. I GUESS NOT! 🙂 Tending my garden has really paid off!


This is just week one. Here’s what I did last week.

So I said I was on Weight Watchers a while ago and I have the points calculator, right? It calculated my daily points to be 40 and so that’s what I stayed under. I went over the second day but like one. The third day I went over by like 20, but it was okay because you get a weekly bonus of extra points to use – if you need them – of 26 points. I used all but 6 points (that day we were at a funeral all day so I was okay with the indulgence).

Fresh veggies and fruit are zero points but if they’re prepared, frozen, or canned, you have to calculate the points.

Also, you can earn points with exercise. You get one point for every 30 minutes of moderate exercise (moderate meaning you can talk during but it’s tough. If you can sing during, you’re not working out hard enough. If you can’t talk at all, you may be over-doing it). I earned 5 points this week in exercise. 🙂

The other thing I did was start back with a ‘yoga’-type workout I used to do a LONG time ago that always worked brilliant for me… and quickly! They don’t sell it anymore but I was lucky enough to find an old copy of the book at the Goodwill. It’s called Be A Loser! by a lady called Greer Childers. The book is great for me because I’m familiar with her technique.

There has been lots of crap said about her and she even lost a law suit regarding her system called, “Bodyflex” a few years ago. I don’t understand how; her system works fucking great for me. I’ve been using it forever – even before she had a DVD set out. I learned off of the book – and I have ALWAYS seen results. I found a couple of her videos on youtube. This is just what I choose to do for right now. I’m trying to establish a working workout schedule and to stick with it. I like this workout, it works for me, and I already have the book so I’m square. I absolutely will continue with it until I’m strong enough to workout. I’m a big girl and I got 80 kids. I can’t just jog for hours, do jumping anything, nor dedicate 3 hours to working out everyday.

Anyway, I feel good! And the exercises are low impact and simple forms. Nothing complicated, and I like that. Once I get stronger, I’m going to move onto P90 by Tony Horton. I already have that one too. I have 800 workout videos, the trick is being able to workout for a straight 30 minutes without the kids going into meltdown mode. On Bodyflex, I can get that done in about 15 minutes.

There are a couple things that are tough about it. First, learning the breathing technique took me a while to master when I first found the book. Second, it recommends to do it right in the morning on an empty stomach. I don’t usually go to bed until maybe 230am every night. Getting up, I am STARVED and looking forward to food. It gives me reason to modify my sleep schedule anyway.

Overall, I have to say I am very happy on how my first week went. My goal is to lose 2″ every 41 days from around the waist and lower abs. I did that this week! I will keep going, let’s see how dedicated I can be.

Thank you so much for reading my blog! It’s your support that keeps me chasing my passions and writing about it. With your contributions, you’re helping me not only pursue my true self, but 25% of the funds raised are donated to the SurfRider Foundation. It’s the small contributions that will also help fund the next trip to Hawaii in October 2017 as so to start connecting to our future there. Thank you all again so very much!


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