A Homage to my Ma

With all this nonsense going on with me, I haven’t processed that my mom is moving. Not like to another home, but to another state. Not even a close state. She’s moving from Southern California to South Carolina. In two weeks. Continue reading A Homage to my Ma


Check-in Time

It’s now my fourth day and I’m feeling good. Yesterday wasn’t awesome. I had my first ‘cravings’ for my old way of eating when I bought brownies for my kids. No to mention that we went to McDonald’s for ice cream since the kids were so good all day … Let’s start there. Continue reading Check-in Time

How Do I Move When I’m Stuck?

I have been yapping on for a year about getting into shape. Guess what? I have hit my new, all-time high: 276.8 poundsWhat the fuck?

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the problem. I’ve gone to the nutritionist, I’ve seen my doctor, and I’ve even had a consult with my insurance to see what other options are available to me. Sadly, I keep. Getting. Bigger. Continue reading How Do I Move When I’m Stuck?

Things are Never Boring: Autism

Apparently, Karma thought it would be great, on top of everything else, to let me wrestle with the idea of my middle child having some developmental distress. I don’t know how else to say it. I can’t remember if I wrote it up last year so I’ll just start at the beginning. Continue reading Things are Never Boring: Autism

A Little Bedtime Anecdote

So, my kids’ dad took the kids camping for 4 days, leaving today. I haven’t had time without at least one of my kids, in idk how long. Of course, he couldn’t just leave, he had to be an ass about leaving, by saying that I need to do everything he usually does around the house while he’s gone. Since I do nothing and he’s the only one who does anything at anytime around the house. Continue reading A Little Bedtime Anecdote