Update: It’s Been a Week

It’s been one week since I was kicked out of the home I’ve lived at for 5 years. How are things? Fucking BRILLIANT!

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Autism: Tomorrow is the Day

I had wrote a little while ago about my daughter and that I was going to be taking her to be assessed for the Autism Spectrum. If you recall, I was a little pissy that it was going to take more than a month to get an appointment. Well, guess what? The appointment is tomorrow. Why can’t it be next week? I should reschedule … Continue reading Autism: Tomorrow is the Day

Nascar, #22, and My Ma

Ma and Me Story #2: NASCAR

20170326_182756402_iOSMy ma loves NASCAR. I mean she watches every race, can tell you about every driver, what they drive, and their sponsors. She knows the lingo and she knows the turns. She loves NASCAR. This is not something I had appreciation for; I’m a baseball fan and that’s just it. Go Yanks! Continue reading Nascar, #22, and My Ma

Check-in Time

It’s now my fourth day and I’m feeling good. Yesterday wasn’t awesome. I had my first ‘cravings’ for my old way of eating when I bought brownies for my kids. No to mention that we went to McDonald’s for ice cream since the kids were so good all day … Let’s start there. Continue reading Check-in Time

Things are Never Boring: Autism

Apparently, Karma thought it would be great, on top of everything else, to let me wrestle with the idea of my middle child having some developmental distress. I don’t know how else to say it. I can’t remember if I wrote it up last year so I’ll just start at the beginning. Continue reading Things are Never Boring: Autism