Fat to Phat: The Start

**This article was updated 03/21/18**

As a 41 yo asshole, I cringe at the title of this article, too. ‘Phat’ is not my favorite word, but either is ‘fat’ so I think they compliment themselves perfectly. As you all know, my little world has been shaken up this year. Though, I would like to think I have my shit in order, considering my physical condition is a manifestation of my emotional state. What’s a good term for me to use to describe how I feel I look? Dumpy.

I am officially the 8th Dwarf. Continue reading Fat to Phat: The Start


How I Organize my Chaos

I have a problem. Me.

Ever since the break-up, I have been in disarray. I have been trying to get focused and sorted but it falls flat. Creating a schedule has helped me quite a bit to stay focused and push out the paralysis that comes with depression. The Prozac totally helps with that too! I keep refining my process to find a better way – a more efficient way – of creating my schedule without losing the interest. After a couple tries, I think I found it! Yay me. Continue reading How I Organize my Chaos