This Weekend: YES!

Well, I've been at my ma's for a couple weeks now, and pretty shut in. I went on 2 job interviews and run the kids to their swim classes but that's about it. But then, there's this weekend.


This weekend, a local city here is having the annual SwingFest! I am SO EXCITED! It's music and dancing and vendors… I have been looking forward to this for like a month!

When I first got wind that it was coming up, I was stoked! But that was before I moved to my ma's. I thought I would have some kind of help from him; that fell flat.

Another complication is a friend of mine from high school is in town and I really want to visit. No money for that either. ALSO, it means I'm going to have to get dressed at like 8 am …

What about the kids?

When I thought to attend the SwingFest, I assumed I would just have them tag along. Continuously exposing them to actual music can only benefit them. But out of the clear, blue sky….

My sister-in-law called and said she wanted them for the whole weekend! Really? All of them? Are you sure? Alas yes, that brave soul wants to have all 300 of my kids spend the night at her house for the weekend. Sweet!

The Weekend's Plan

I'm hoping she will pick up the kids tonight and not Saturday morning. Either way, I'll get dressed, rush out to meet my friend at noon, then be at the SwingFest at 3 (it starts at 2pm).

I'm going to gather all my 411 and post on here everything 🙂 so if you guys like that kind of shit, you're welcome! And if you don't like Rockabilly… well, you're just wrong. 😘

Thank you all so much for all the support! You all keep me going after my dreams.


The Magic: Day 7 – Block Neg

Today I really tried to block as much negativity as I could. It was a pretty good day for the most part. Emotionally tough: today marks 9 years since my mother-in-law passed on. It makes things around the house extra tense due to the residual pain from that loss.

With that aside, for the most part, I was positive and productive today. I kept my list from yesterday and just tried to focus on things positively. It was hard! But I feel the changes in my perspective so I appreciate the effort I have to put into this self-love. I’m glad I gave myself the extra day to get it right. I was just not as focused as I needed to be yesterday.  Continue reading The Magic: Day 7 – Block Neg

The Magic: Day 7 – Block Negativity

Today started a little dodgy. Not think any one thing negative — try getting 3 kids up and ready for school 2 weeks before summer break. It wasn’t until later that I found my note (I write the assignments on an index card so I see it when I wake up) that I remembered to bust the negativity.

This book has really made me aware of exactly how negative I am.

SO From here on out, I will be busting my negativity with my ‘but I’m really grateful for…” I think – because of the late start I got on this one – I might string it out an extra day into tomorrow just to make sure I really understand the lesson. Continue reading The Magic: Day 7 – Block Negativity

The Secret

I’m a born Catholic. When I turned 12, my life went nuts when we moved across country and then my parents divorced. I started researching other religions and the occult to try to find answers. After a long time, I went back to the Catholic Church, but felt like there was always too much contradiction to be able to refill my cup of faith, so to speak.I remember, while reading the New Testament, I would feel moved – as if God himself was speaking directly to me. It wasn’t a feeling I had now that I was going back to the church.

Like a lot of people, had heard about The Secret and was curious, but it wasn’t until about 5 years ago, that I even bought the book. When I read it, it was amazing. It makes total sense to me… mostly. I had a little trouble wrapping my brain around the living as if I have already received whatever I was asking for. I thought what I wanted to achieve to weigh 150#. I couldn’t wrap my brain around how to ‘act’ as if I was already 150 – it was quite a challenge. It is currently a challenge, but I’m starting to figure it out. Continue reading The Secret