Depression Crafts: The Timer

I’ve been fighting depression for years now. There were times where I wouldn’t shower for weeks. I was a zombie. Though I am on Prozac now, I still struggle with some stuff. I shower now – on a regular basis (yay me) – and I take the kids out to the park pretty often. The Prozac really is pulling it’s weight here with me, but I still struggle with motivation, consistency, and what I call the ‘fuck it’ solution.

In this time, as I’ve been getting mentally stronger, I have been making a list of things that make me happy. I don’t mean like funnel cake happy, but little things that I can do every day to remind myself that life doesn’t suck, it’s mostly the depression. One thing I always enjoyed was doing my make-up.

In this case, I have to thank Jeremy Renner for the inspiration for today’s craft. What you may not know is he used to be a make-up artist. I didn’t know either! Then he was on Ellen… THEN this beautiful meme came out and found it’s way to me.  Continue reading Depression Crafts: The Timer


The Magic: Day 9 – The Money Magnet

This is a welcomed exercise however, I’m a little stuck. You’re supposed to take any unpaid bills and write on them, “Thank you for the money.” Then take 10 already paid bills from the past and write across them, “Thank you – Paid.” Make sure that while you’re doing both those things, you feel the complete gratitude of those things being paid, whether they’re paid or not.

For the last 2 years, I have been a stay-at-home mom. All those bills that I had while working have gone bye-bye. What am I supposed to do now?

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The Secret

I’m a born Catholic. When I turned 12, my life went nuts when we moved across country and then my parents divorced. I started researching other religions and the occult to try to find answers. After a long time, I went back to the Catholic Church, but felt like there was always too much contradiction to be able to refill my cup of faith, so to speak.I remember, while reading the New Testament, I would feel moved – as if God himself was speaking directly to me. It wasn’t a feeling I had now that I was going back to the church.

Like a lot of people, had heard about The Secret and was curious, but it wasn’t until about 5 years ago, that I even bought the book. When I read it, it was amazing. It makes total sense to me… mostly. I had a little trouble wrapping my brain around the living as if I have already received whatever I was asking for. I thought what I wanted to achieve to weigh 150#. I couldn’t wrap my brain around how to ‘act’ as if I was already 150 – it was quite a challenge. It is currently a challenge, but I’m starting to figure it out. Continue reading The Secret